Steven Wray Lobdell - Live at Club Donut [VINYL]

Steven Wray Lobdell's second full-length solo album for Holy Mountain was recorded live in December in a small Portland, Oregon, donut shop (actually on a loft above the toilet), and unleashes some of Lobdell's most over-the-top torrents of Echoplexed guitar frenzy. Elliptical, psychedelic rhythms merge with his trademark fat guitar tone to produce intense leads that demand comparison to an ocean on fire or planet-sized sunspots. Amazing stuff.

...Here's a killer of a live solo recording by American freak-guitarist Lobdell. One's always been somewhat in awe, not to say slightly terrified, by the uncanny studio recordings by this musician, a guy who is genuinely unhinged (he used to hear voices in his head). His studio work, including that for Faust. may be enhanced by overdubs, so how would he fare in a live solo context, one man, one amplifier, and lots of pedals!

guitar Steven Wray Lobdell
recorded by Josh Hanson
mixed by Steven Wray Lobdell
recorded at Club Donut 2 December 2003