Steven Wray Lobdell - Automatic Writing By The Moon


01. Automatic Writing By The Moon #1
02. Astral Projection
03. Carnival Of The Dark Moon
04. Lids Of Pot
05. Astride The Waning Moon
06. 14 Degrees Cancer
07. Automatic Writng By The Moon #2
08. All Mystics Are Numbered
09. Pluto In Retrograde
10. Departure
11. Uranian Wind
12. Aries In 3rd Decanate
13. Automatic Writing By The Moon #3

Steven Wray Lobdell's second full-length solo album for Holy Mountain was recorded live in December in a small Portland, Oregon, donut shop (actually on a loft above the toilet), and unleashes some of Lobdell's most over-the-top torrents of Echoplexed guitar frenzy. Elliptical, psychedelic rhythms merge with his trademark fat guitar tone to produce intense leads that demand comparison to an ocean on fire or planet-sized sunspots. Amazing stuff.

recorded in 1999"