plain rider- house on the hill

Plain Ride: House on the Hill CD
[Ektro Records (Ektro-055)]

Plain Ride: House on the Hill CD
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The third Plain Ride album House on the Hill stretches the band's folk rock expression from decidedly bare, introspective and concentrated recitations to immersive layered washes of psychedelic rock tsunami; from countryish whistle-alongs through the dark mud of paranoid swamp blues to metronomic kraut-boogie hypnosis. This Ektro Records release contains zero percent concept, zero levels of meta. Instead: an effortless and enjoyable yet deeply engaging album of organically home-distilled rock music.

Plain Ride is a Finnish band formed in 2004, led by singer-songwriter Janne Westerlund, also known as the guitarist of Circle and Pharaoh Overlord. Their unpretentious but captivating live performances have won them a loyal following and the albums Oh the Flow (2005) and Strange Trial (2007) are seen as landmark releases of English sung alternative rock in Finland.

House on the Hill will be out on Ektro Records on April 15.

Listen to some of the new songs on MySpace.