MARY OCHER + Your Government

Mary Ocher + Your Government
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Mary Ocher + Your Government is a sub-religious experience with the mysterious spirits of the ancients, in an audio-visual explosion of cult futuristic rock&roll, with the queen outsider
of Berlin Avant-Pop exploring the depths of forbidden tribal, electronic ecstasies.

Drum credits to Oliver Rivera, Drew and Stefan Widdess, as well as Jochen Stroeh who recorded the band.

The much-anticipated full length release is the follow-up to this summer's limited run 7 inch. Out on Hans Joachim Irmler's (Faust) legendary Klangbad Records, it is Ocher's fouth album to-date (following double anthology of home recordings in spring 2015, break-through EDEN (produced by Canadian psych master King Khan, out on four labels, currently in its second edition) and protest concept album WAR SONGS).

Another upcoming release would be a 10 inch soundtrack
with Ocher's songs, curated by Sean Lennon for his label Chimera Music. It is the first album with band / drum duo, Your Government. The new album is a synth-heavy psych bomb, consisting of various elements of oldschool industrial music as well as cumbia, a variety of tribal rhythms and no-wave. Introducing the first appearance of Your Government with "Man VS. air" as well as a new take on Ocher's signature
"The sound of war", among others. The album was produced with the help of King Khan and the assistance of Afrobeat / analogue mastermind Jochen Stroh (who has worked repeatedly with Tony Allen). It was mastered by Fred Kevorkian (The Stooges / Sun Ra) who was introduced to the band via a friend, producer Martin Bisi (Afrika Bambaataa / John Zorn / Sonic Youth).

''To the queer and underground art communities worldwide Ocher is an all-embracing icon, Your Government and its ''tribalist'' aesthetic is an extension of a political outlook (defined already in the 2011 debut ''War songs''). Lyric-wise, it's an anarchist, tongue-in-cheek critique of society, extended to symbolic primitive (and futurist) utopian societies, describing relations of masters and servants, ridiculing notions of determinism... Musically, the new album is much richer in texture and hi-fi in sound than its solo predecessors, it is new and alien altogether and translates into an entirely new path with Ocher's vocals serving as its naturally uniting thread''.