Klangbad V/A - Next Step

Klangbad V/A - Next Step
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01. Adriano Lanzi&Omar Sodano -  Russ Meyer
02. Permanent Fatal Error - Blu
03. Hans Joachim Irmler - Mutivisions
04. Nista Nije Nista - Slovnjik
05. Velma - Progression
06. Faust - Lied eines Matrosen
07. Lars Paukstat - It Was Not Me
08. Markku Peltola - Säkösatula

NEXT STEP turns out a surprisingly catchy and entertaining compilation, complete with elaborate digipack and a wonderfully illustrated booklet. Mirka Cakanic, a friend of the label from Zagreb, is responsible for the photography. Compared to its predecessor, NEXT STEP leaves the listener with an more smoothly and mellow impression. Despite
its enormous variety, it is an album that sounds like it was cut from one piece, like a good radio-show that you wish you
had recorded so you could listen to it again. It is almost an art in itself to combine these extremely diverse tracks into an
intrinsic whole.

Compiled and mastered by Hans Joachim Irmler
Klangbarbeitet Bruno Gebhard
(c) 2004 by Klangbad & Freibank, Edition Freispiel
(p) klangbad 2004