Klangbad V/A - First Steps

Klangbad V/A - First Steps
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01. Circle - Scotch
02. Circle - Northern Sky
03. Dälek - Spiritual Healing
04. S/T - Der Zwiebelfisch
05. Audiac - Everybody is sneaking, Baby
06. Nista Nije Nista - X
07. Adriano Lanzo&Omar Sodano - Emancipazione
08. Kangaroo Moon - Love is
09. Hans Joachim Irmler - Museum
10. Faust - I can, U 2?
11. Ole Lukkoye - White Stone ( Net Doma )

KLANGBAD first steps labelcompilation featuring unreleased tracks from faust, Circle, Dälek, and others.

If one were to capture the release policy of the Klangbad-label in a nutshell, one could say: no stereotypes. It seems that there is no such thing as the typical Klangbad-sound. Although it would not be hard to create a 'sound of the family' against the backdrop of the Krautrock icons that faust are. And in the sense of a 'corporate identity' do exactly the same thing with each new release. People in marketing think that way. Creative people don't.

With Klangbad, Cornelia Paul and Jochen Irmler have created their own creative biotope. At the core of this creative cell they are themselves. Their built-in studio plays a leading role in all their artistic processes. It's here that Jochen Irmler together polishes and hones future releases. It is also the place where the dialogue between the artists and their label takes place. Not the 'product' and its marketing according to certain trends are the focus of attention, but the creative process. Like faust as a band have always done The research and exploration of new sounds that the band started, is now carried on by the label.

- “Sound zum Eintauchen und immer wieder neu für sich entdecken.”  JAZZTHETIK (Ger)
- „Dieser Sampler ist als Einstieg in die Untiefen der Klangbad-Soundwelt unbedingt empfehlenswert.“
   INTRO (Ger)
- „unbedingt kaufenswert“  DE:BUG (Ger)

(c) klangbad & Freibank: Edition Freispiel, 2002
(p) klangbad, 2002