Kangaroo Moon - Between Two Worlds


01. Astral
02. Love is
03. Market Space
04. Cool & Calm & Bright
05. Surfing with Dr. Morph
06. Olympus
07. Between Two Worlds
08. With Each Breath
09. Apache Rising

Kangaroo Moon are:

Jerry Bewley, Matt Ledgar, Mark Robson, Maurice Cernigoi

In an interview with the British magazine TNT, Kangaroo Moon-frontman Mark Robson describes the style of his band as 'Celtic-inspired didgeridoo-driven trance dance'. Thus Robson pokes fun at such attempts at stylistic categorisations, because Kangaroo Moon have little interest in genres and their barriers. This band combines psychedelic rock with world music, acoustic sounds with electronica, catchy vocal passages with excessive trance-instrumentals, etc. Kangaroo Moon manage to incorporate and combine such diverse sounds as Australian didge-sounds with afro-cuban rhythms and celtic tin whistle - and all in one song! Sometimes the listener can also discern middle eastern phrasings. While doing all this, the band still manages to groove very natural, so that their audience's will to dance is only too understandable.

- „eine unermüdliche tourende, leidenschaftliche Liveband“ KULTURNEWS (Ger)
- „Dieses Album gehört zu jenen bleibenden Perlen der Rockmusik“ WOM JOURNAL (Ger)
- „Global Pop zum Tanzen“ BERLINER MORGENPOST (Ger)
- „der psychedelische Rock wird zur weltmusikalischen Trance.“ TAZ (Ger)