Faust were the certainly among the leaders of Germany's "Krautrock" movement back in the early 70s. Ensconced in "The Pantheon" forever as truly visionary artists, their early records still sound light-years ahead of their time now, 30+ years later here in the Century Number 21.

FROM THE FROZEN SOUTH features original Faust mainman Hans Joachim Irmler joining forces with the iconic 'scape artist/percussionist Z'EV, at FAUST Studios in Scheer, Germany. The topologically-charged results range from spacious and soothing through full-on digital brutality; each piece is subtly tinged with both artist's distinct & respective take on the out-rock they helped create.

FROZEN SOUTH offers a reflection of the sounds these two legends have created & incorporated over the last 30 years, plus new ideas and experiments- each distilled through this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. An incredible sonic journey made by two of the genre's pioneers to be sure; a monument to the avant garde, perhaps... but steadfastly, as always: of and for the People!