Faust - Tony Conrad Outside the Dream Syndicate

Faust - Tony Conrad Outside the Dream Syndicate
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30th Anniversary Edition
Two Cd´s in deluxe, limited-edition packaging with 32-page book and poster includes previousely unreleased material from the original 1972 sessions features liner notes by rolling stone senior editor David Fricke


01. From the Side of Man and Womankind       
02. From the Side of the Machine       

Second CD from the 30th Annivaersary Edition

01. The Pyre of Angus Lies in Kathmandu       
02. The Death of the Composer Was in 1962   
03. From the Side of Man and Womankind (Complete)   

The Thirtieth Anniversary Edition of Outside the Dream Syndicate adds a second disc of material. Two brief tracks - both named with the young death of former Dream Syndicate comrade Angus Maclise in mind - offer the remaining fragments of those three days at the abandoned schoolhouse studio at Wümme. Both the slow burning "The Pyre of Angus was in Kathmandu" and the tremulous "The Death of the Composer Was in 1962" reveal a looser agenda in the sessions. In the latter piece, Conrad abandons the impassive drone of the first disc for an almost celebratory psych-rock. The second disc is rounded out by an alternate production of "From the Side of Man and Womankind", lacking the overdubbed violin lines of the album version.

- "...Conrad\'s constantly shifting, layered violin - thoroughly exploring the instrument\'s harmonics - is the  
   perfect foil for Faust\'s relentless rock drive..."
   Mojo (1/03, p.108)