Faust - IV

Faust IV- re released by Virgin 2006


01      Krautrock     
02.     The Sad Skinhead     
03.     Jennifer     
04.     Just a Second (Starts Like That!)     
05.     Picnic on a Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableux    
06.     Giggly Smile
07.     Läuft... Heisst Das Es Läuft
           Oder Es Kommt Bald... Läuft     
08.     It\'s a Bit of a Pain

01.     The Lurcher 
           (Bonus-CD der 2006er Ausgabe;
           Titel 1-3: Peel Session 1.3.1973)
02.     Krautrock    
03.     Do So    
04.     Jennifer   (Alt. Version)    
05.     The Sad Skinhead   (Alt. Version)    
06.     Just A Second (Starts Like That)  
           (Ext. Version)    
07.     Piano Piece    
08.     Läuft... Heisst Das Es Läuft
          Oder Es Kommt Bald... Läuft   (Alt. Version)
09.     Giggy Smile   (Alt. Version)

Faust IV was re-released on two CDs in February 2006 by EMI (the current owners of Virgin Records). The first CD contains re-masters of the original eight tracks, while the second CD has  several bonus tracks.
This reissue includes a bonus disc of tracks from a 1973 Peel Session broadcast, as well as alternate versions of several songs and fragments. Fans will know the Peel Session songs (the jazzy, sax-heavy "The Lurcher", a "Krautrock" remix and "Do So") from the BBC Sessions+ CD, also contained in 2000\'s Wümme Years box set. The spacey, ambient piano piece, titled appropriately "Piano Piece", later appeared on 71 Minutes as "Das Meer". Since both discs are available in the box, I\'d advise anyone in love with IV and needing more Faust just to drop the required funds and own almost everything Faust released in their original incarnation. Of course, IV isn\'t in that box, so if you don\'t need everything, but are curious, it\'s an easy starting point. Pretty, catchy, slightly disturbing, magic.

(c) 2006 Virgin Records LTD
(p) 2006 Virgin Records LTD