Enhanced Gravity


01. Chris Cutler & Bob Drake - Absolute Gravity
02. Faust - Against absolute Gravity
03. Amy Denio & Jim Bennett - Partial Gravity
04. Diledadafish - Comparative Gravity
05. Noble Gas - Horizontal, Or Good Sence
06. Un Drame Musical Instantané - Wit
07. Pointless Orchestra - Comparative Levity, Or Coxcomb
08. Laurie Spiegel - Partial Levity, Or Pert Fool
09. Stve Horowitz - Absolute Levity, Or Stark Fool

This CD represents a scientific / dadaistic or at least a humorous view to this unique piece of contemporary satire. After about two years of work you will be able to enjoy the results of this research in form of nine music pieces and in form of a full illustrated multi media part. This virtual booklet gives you a deep view in physics (or metaphysics) and visualization of these forms of gravity. Also included is information about the individual participating artists and about this project.

(c) 1687 - 1999 by the individual artists
Yucca tree records