Davis Redford Triad - Ewige Blumenkraft


01. Echoplex Orchestral Movement Part 1
02. Apocalypse Greeting Card
03. Plum Village
04. Rabbit Love Call
05. Ewige Blumenkraft
06. Echoplex Orchestral Movement Part 4

Ewige Blumenkraft's six tracks, especially the epic, 18-minute alpha state of "Plum Village," make up an exciting, new psychedelic chapter in the little known tradition of Carnatic rock. Other entries might include Ustad Bismallah Khan, Clark-Hutchinson Band, Sun City Girls and U. Shirivas, among others. Somewhere in a Las Vegas hotel penthouse, behind the security of dependable guards, deep beneath the quick of a reclusive billionaire's fingernails, this record has been described as "indispensable." It is time to admit your plane can't fly. How about your carpet?

- "...intense psychedelicality....His music is imbued with a
  profound spirituality and a subliminal eerieness....
  creating gaseous exhalations of windchimes, bass
  drones and sinisterly chattering guitar lines..."
  Alternative Press (4/00, p.81) - 4 out of 5 -
- "...[Steven Wray] Lobdell's 5 piece psych-rock group....
   it still gets pretty squealing when [he] starts to churn his
   bloodied strings on the towering 'Rabbit Love Call'..."
  The Wire (5/00, p.70)