Circle - Guillotine


"Born in the bucolic city of Pori, Finland, Circle has been defying expectations since 1991. This unpredictable ensemble led by Jussi Lehtisalo has been reinventing, refining and perfecting its technical drones and heavy riffs over the course of numerous European, American and Japanese releases. The band effortlessly devours and personalizes skewed progressive-rock rhythms, distorted guitar firepower, cosmic sound paintings, gleaming minimalism, Kraut-influenced phrase repetition, and hymnal incantations written in a made-up language called Meronian. Circle's instantly recognizable albums and frantic live sets have garnered ample international praise while masterfully exploring the outer limits of grinding tension and celestial calm."

One of the most varied and experimental works yet from an unflinchingly varied and experimental group.
Jussi's unique and powerful stream of consciousness singing appears in various incarnations and intensities, ranging effortlessly from far-eastern mystic to sideshow madman-comedian, possessed metal-maven to syllable-mangling cartoon monster.