Circle - Alotus

Circle - Alotus
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01.    Työlaisten Laulu
02.    Alotus
03.    Northern Sky
04.    Iopetus
05.    Potto

Circle are:

Teemu Elo - guitars
Jyrki Laiho - guitars
Jussi Lethisalo - bass
Janne Peltomäki - drums
Mika Rättö - vocals, keyboards

Surging fuzz storms, icy synth drones and hymnal, contrastingly delicate vocals sung in a made-up language called Meronian. Their sharp instrumental prowess, revolving stylistic obsessions and berserker live shows have delighted and confused a growing cult of international thrill-seekers. Circle's bleak lockstep encapsulates the dark flip side of Finnish life-interminably black and frozen winters, mystical forests, isolation, bygone centuries of Swedish and Russian occupation, nervy architecture, mosquito plagues and a wonderfully difficult, non-Indo-European mother tongue. This is strange and beautiful stuff from a strange and beautiful place.

 -    “Alotus teams Finnish Metal minimalists Circle with
       Faust’s Hans-Joachim Irmler at his studio in 
       southern Germany. The result is a real
       departure for the group”  THE WIRE (UK)
-    "Can en King Crimson gaan een geperverteerde relatie
       aan met Trans Am en Tortoise, resulterend in een typisch
       noordelijk schijfje vol verrassingen.”  GONZO (B)
-    “Ein seltsam schönes Werk”  WOM JOURNAL (Ger)
-    "Eine neue Extravaganza aus dem
       famosen Exzentrikclub namens Klangbad“  INTRO (Ger)
-    "Wenn Frank Zappa jemals hypnotisierenden Noisepop hätte
       machen wollen, er hätte wohl ähnliche 
       Klanggemälde wie die Finnen gekrautrockt“  VISIONS (Ger)

© 2003 Klangbad & Freibank, Edition Freispiel
all tracks written by circle
arranged by circle and Irmler
Produced by Hans Joachim Irmler