Mary Ocher

Mary Ocher was born on November 10, 1986 in Moscow, Russia. Fate brought her to Tel Aviv at the tender age of 4 and to Berlin at 20.
She has been playing with various media, be it words, sound, color or movement since mastering the craft of songwriting at the age of 11.
Other than being a stunning musician, Mary makes film, visual art, documentaries, music videos, art installations and poetry.
She has become an integral part of the upcoming international Berlin cream and has recently joined the international art collective Autodiktat.

Disillusioned by the mainstream music industry, she's been working non stop by herself as well as with a variety of small to medium size labels.

With her first band, Mary and The Baby Cheeses, the DIY notion led to releasing 5 limited edition independent releases.
The band toured all over Europe, in the underground circles, but that wasn't enough for young Ocher, she wanted to see blood!

''War Songs" was the first label release, out on the Berlin based label Haute Areal on March 11th 2011, then followed a 7'' EP -
both receiving incredibly supportive reviews.

In 2011, she was discovered by King Khan at a karaoke Bar in Berlin. He immediately invited her to record at his legendary Moon Studios.
The album, ''EDEN'' took over a year to finish and came out on Buback (Hamburg) on June 14, 2013. followed by the ''I, Human'' remixes EP and multiple singles.
In March 2014 ''EDEN'' came out on Related Records and Hairy Spider Legs in the US and it is currently in its second edition on both LP and tape.

In 2012 Ocher formed MARY OCHER + YOUR GOVERNMENT, a new tribalism act with a fantastic drum duo, performing in full costume with video projections.
That year she's also toured along the German best-selling author, Sibylle Berg, for her novel "Vielen Dank fuer Das Leben".

MO+YG has released a 7'' in July 2015 and their debut full-length album is out January 7th, 2016 on Hans Joachim Irmler's (Faust) label Klangbad.

As Mary Ocher continues to bewilder audiences with her powerful performances and incredible out-of-this-world voice, The shows have taken her from everywhere on
the continent of Europe, to North America, South East Asia and Oceania., while her wild outfits have also caused quite a stir on the scene.
She currently resides in Berlin and has no plans at all.... only WORLD DOMINATION!!!!