Jan Wagner


Jan Wagner is a piano player, producer and sound engineer. He’s been playing the piano
since the age of 5. With his personal work he explores a simplicity of expression, one that
maximises the emotional truth of each composition. He’s fascinated by the music hidden
beneath the surface: overlapping overtones, textures and the sounds created by the piano’s
intricate mechanism (clicks, creaks etc). Over the years, Jan mixed a whole lotta records for
Berlin-based techno label Ostgut, which might explain his inclinations towards minimalism
and the unwavering commitment to a sonic efficiency and immediacy. He’s been working at
the legendary Faust Studio Scheer, alongside Hans Joachim Irmler, for over a decade. He
can also be often spotted at the Hitapapa Studio of Pola Roy and Judith Holoferenes.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janwagnermusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jan__wagner
Label: http://quietloverecords.com/
Promotion: http://initialslp.com/